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In order to achieve optimal expansion, harvested popcorn must be conditioned, aged, for 30-45 days depending on harvest conditions, humidity and popcorn variety. (Longer-maturing corn requires longer conditioning.) Conditioning provides for moisture equalization both within the kernel and within the bin. Moisture homogeneity is essential to consistent popping. Careful conditioning: proper pop. Multipop.


We store our popcorn in aerated bins for moisture control. Regular sampling for moisture analysis and independent, monthly quality certifications ensure the Multipop popcorn you receive is premium product.

Processing & Handling

Popcorn processing involves transfer from storage bins to a cleaning machine from which product then moves across gravity tables and is de-stoned, polished, and screened to remove under-sized kernels and kernel fragments. Whenever possible, our processor uses conveyors instead of augers to move the product; conveyors move product more gently and preserve kernel integrity for optimal pop.

Quality Control

Our licensed processor collects 15-20 quality control samples from beginning to end of processing, measuring moisture content, kernel weight, kernel size, uniformity, pop and expansion ratio. After testing the individual samples, our processor then archives a composite sample as part of the shipment record.

All Multipop popcorn is non-GMO, with variety genetics naturally selected for optimal yield, appearance and expansion.


We have developed the Multipop brand for domestic and export sales of this premium popcorn. We also have form-fill-and-seal poly package machines for re-packaging Multipop popcorn to meet retail demand.

Quality Assurance

We maintain cooperative merchandising agreements with producers known for premium quality popcorn of consistent kernel size, expansion ratio, and bright color.

Multipop's established quality leaves you to deciding the other essentials...

Bulk or bagged?
38/40? 42/44?
2004, 2005 or new crop?
Shipped January/February/March? First half September?
Delivered Laredo? El Paso? Valencia? Mersin?